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The Higher Education Quality State Test, SABER PRO (formerly ECAES) is a standardized instrument for the external evaluation of the quality of higher education in Colombia. This test part, with other processes and actions, of a set of instruments that the national Government uses to evaluate the quality of the public educational service and to exercise its inspection and surveillance. The test is mandatory as an additional degree requirement and applies to all undergraduate students (Technical, Technological and Professional levels) who have passed at least 75% of the academic credits in their corresponding program. These tests are regulated by Decrees 3963 and 4216 of 2009 of the National Ministry of Education and the Resolution 187 of 2013 of the ICFES, following the provisions of Law 1324 of 13 July 2009.

In order to comply with these regulations, the ICFES carried out a series of transformations to the SABER PRO higher education quality state tests, giving a modular structure to the test.

The evaluation modules focus on competencies considered fundamental for future graduates. Some modules evaluate generic competencies that all students must develop, no matter the curricular program (Citizenship, Written Communication, Critical Reading, English and Quantitative Reasoning). Other modules evaluate specific competencies, common to groups of programs, either from the same or from different areas of knowledge.

TESTS IN COLOMBIA: Sunday, October 7, 2018

Registration: from May 21 onsaberpro/

General structure of the test

First session: 7 am. Generic Competencies Modules for all students. It includes the following modules: Citizen Competencies, Written Communication, English, Critical Reading and Quantitative Reasoning

Duration: 4 hours, 40 minutes


TESTS ABROAD: between 26 September and 17 October, 2018.

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Pre-registrations for University students: from May 7 to May 25, 2018 entering their data at

General Coordinator
Andrea González Sandoval
Tel: (57)(1) 3165000 ext. 18264
Bogotá Coordinator
Oscar Hernán Váquiro Guerrero
Tel: (57)(1) 3165000 ext. 18321, 18369
Manizales Coordinator
Gloria Perdomo
Tel: (57)(6) 8879300 ext. 50442
Medellín Coordinator
Melissa Velazco
Tel: (57)(4) 4309000 ext. 49665
Palmira Coordinator
Ana Milena Molina Olaya
Tel: (57)(2) 2868888 ext. 35102